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Bred Heifers

We market approximately 300 commercial bred heifers every year. These heifers have been offered by private treaty for several years. We sell many in semi load lots, but not exclusively. Heifers are sold on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in bred heifers, let us know early to ensure we have the calving dates available that fit your programs.


We believe that the Lucky Cross female is the ultimate cow. The crossbred cow has many advantages over any straight bred cow. Breed complementarity and heterosis cannot be achieved with a straight bred. It is well proven that crossbred females provides more fertility and longevity. (More pounds weaned per cow exposed). Stayability or (STAY) is the single most important economic trait for cows! Simmental cows now are smaller on average than both Angus and Hereford, according to data at the MARC Animal Research Center. This is further evidence that Simmental is providing a great option for maternal crossbreeding. The Lucky-Cross cow has calving ease and do-ability built in. We have spent 30 years developing black and red cattle that provide value to cattle industry. If you have any questions about Lucky-Cross females please feel free to call us or stop by for a tour of our cows.

Our Feeding Program

We run our 900 registered cows just like any commercial cattleman in our area does. We do NOT creep feed or supplement on our cows or calves. They are raised on hay, straw, grass, salt and mineral. Over feeding and supplementing seed-stock cattle provides an artificial environment that hinders objective selection. This same philosophy is applied to our development of replacement heifers. We pasture our heifers until winter and feed only hay and haylage over the winter.

The heifers are not fed any grain or concentrates. By roughing our heifers some, gives us another option for selecting for fertility. We don’t want to feed enough to achieve maximum pregnancy rates.